Statistics chief warns: soon there will only be half as many Italians?

The Italians – we owe them pizza, pasta and the dolce vita – the sweet life.

Now Gian Carlo Blangiardo (72) is sounding the alarm: Soon there could be only half as many Italians! This is what the President of the Italian statistical agency Istat said in an interview with the Milan business newspaper “Sole 24 Ore”.

The Mediterranean country currently has a little over 60 million inhabitants. Gian Carlo Blangiardo warns of halving it to 30 million within the next few decades. The reason given by the head of statistics is the sharp decline in the birth rate, which has increased in times of the corona pandemic.

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According to the Numbers Pope, births have been falling since 2014. In the pandemic year of 2020, 404,000 children were born; in 2021 there will be only between 385,000 and 395,000. “This trend has been going on for some time, but we can say that this further decline is the result of the second wave of the pandemic from October last year,” the Austrian radio quoted the 72-year-old as saying.

With a life expectancy of around 80 years, the Italian expects 400,000 births per year for his country. On the other hand, there is a drastic increase in the number of deceased. For the years 2015 to 2019 calculated by Eurostat an average of about 635,000 deaths per year.

“We have set a new negative birth record every year since 2013. In 2020 there were 404,000 new births and 746,000 deaths, ”said Gian Carlo Blangiardo. That makes a minus of 342,000 Italians in the statistics.

The Istat boss made a fiery appeal to politicians: “The political and economic system must move in good time, otherwise Italy threatens not only the general aging of the population, but also a serious risk to our economy.”

For comparison: According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were around 773,000 births in Germany in 2020, around 5,000 babies less than in the previous year. In the Corona year 2020, 982 489 people died in this country. That was 48,100 more deaths than the average for the years 2016 to 2019. For 2020 there is a minus of 209,486 Germans in the statistics.


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