Start with 300 doses – Reker defends focus vaccinations

Cologne – Today, Monday, the city of Cologne will start vaccinations in the districts with particularly high incidence figures. Mayor Henriette Reker (64, non-party) defended the campaign on the “Phoenix” TV station.

The first 300 doses (Moderna) are inoculated on Monday. In total, vaccination teams are to be deployed in 15 of these so-called “vulnerable social space areas”. In the Phoenix interview, Reker said on Monday morning that the vaccination sequence would not be undermined on site. “We have succeeded in prioritizing group three for these people in the social rooms, and now it is group three’s turn. Since we vaccinate with a separate vaccine, nobody here misses a vaccination that they would otherwise have received. “

The deputy chairman of the “Union for Education and Science” (GEW) in North Rhine-Westphalia, Ayla Celik, had warned against stigmatizing the residents of the districts if only the socio-spatial conditions there would lead to the prioritization. Reker said: “This is not stigmatization, but an additional offer.”

Reker hopes “that in a few weeks, maybe in two months, we will get a vaccination that will give us back our freedoms.”


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