Start-up from Mönchengladbach: This is how camping works with an app

Mönchengladbach – If you are staying at home, then in a mobile home!

In times of Corona, overnight stays and catering bans, camping is the hit. In 2020 over 100,000 recreational vehicles were registered for the first time, reports the Caravaning Industry Association. A trend that also benefits the “road fans” from Mönchengladbach.

The most popular mobile is the camper van for two – with a 1.40 meter wide bed

Photo: Hojabr Riahi

“It started with seven vehicles in 2017,” explains founder Joscha Stephan (34). There are now 500 mobiles that can be picked up at eight stations, including Cologne, Munich and Hamburg. “It will be 1,000 next year,” he says.

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There is also a table on board, as well as a kitchen and shower

Photo: Hojabr Riahi

He and his cousin Jan Philipp Harmes (29) – the other “road fan” – owe their success to their special concept: With them you can borrow and return ten different mobiles around the clock, every day of the week. And contactless by mobile phone.

“The customer always has our vehicle description with him as a video on his phone or tablet,” says the entrepreneur.

Are you going on a camping holiday at all because of Corona? “Sure,” says Joscha Stephan, who has already traveled to half of Europe by mobile: “Our vehicles are classed as cars. You can park them for ten hours in normal parking spaces – but not with the awning and grill in front of the door. “This is only allowed on campsites, which are unfortunately now closed due to the pandemic.

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Awning out and breakfast? Camping in Germany is not yet possible again

Photo: Roadfans

“We have many new campers among our customers,” says Stephan: “For example, young families who rent a mobile for three months of parental leave.” Seven days cost from around 560 euros. Barbecue and WiFi can be booked.


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