Star dancer allegedly abused minors – the bad prima ballerina

Boston / Massachusetts – On stage, she appeared graceful, pure, and innocent. But when the curtain fell, star ballerina Dusty Button (32) from Boston (USA) is said to have sexually abused underage dancers. For her victims, she was the prima ballerina from hell!

On July 28, two professional dancers filed a lawsuit against Dusty and her husband Mitchell, a dance teacher. Three more alleged victims came forward late last week, joining the lawsuit. The “Boston Globe” reports on this. The dance world is shaken.

Accused of abuse: Dusty Button (32, former prima ballerina) with her husband Mitchell Taylor Button (dance teacher)Photo: Getty Images for the WeWork Crea

According to the Daily Mail, the attacks should go back to 2014 and always follow the same pattern. The dance stars are said to have made friends with young talents and promised them a great career.

One victim says she was made drunk and led into a room full of guns. There Dusty pressed and held her on a mattress while her husband sexually abused her. She cried, shouted “no” and “stop”.

Another victim had to wear a spandex suit from head to toe, according to the lawsuit. Then she was tied to a table and abused. She “screamed” and “cried”, was also strangled, beaten and penetrated with sex toys. The Buttons had “complete control” over her and threatened to destroy her career.

According to their attorney, Dusty and Mitchell Button deny all allegations.

Her dream career began when she was seven

Dusty Button (now 32) was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA and began ballet at the age of 7. Only three years later she was discovered for the Christmas musical “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” in New York.

At the age of 16 she moved to New York to train at the American Ballet Theater. Leading roles and awards followed until Dusty was accepted into the ensemble of the famous “Boston Ballet” in 2012. A year later she was promoted to soloist, in 2014 even to prima ballerina – a dream career.

Dusty left the Boston Ballet in May 2017. Today she teaches classes with young dancers.


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