Staff shortage: Robo waiters serve me!

Oelsnitz (Saxony) – Silvio Kuhnert (52) has now found an answer to the shortage of staff in his branch: BELLA and ROBBY.

The famous singing innkeeper from Vogtland and his wife Viola (51) have now christened two robotic waiters, which are almost 1.50 meters tall, who they brought from China. “Since we can’t find any cooks and waiters at the moment, we had no other choice,” Kuhnert told BILD.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have digitized almost everything in their country hotel “Zum Grünen Baum” anyway. “The waiters were the next logical step.”

The robo-waiters pick up the food (roulade with red cabbage and potato pancakes) in the kitchen …


In fact, the so-called BellaBots are considerably superior to their human counterparts: They can transport up to eight meals, move almost silently with their sensors, and are never sick. In addition, they charmingly evade – and if desired they can even serenade their singing boss! If you caress them lovingly, they even say “Meow!” …

In Germany there are only five of their kind, in China, on the other hand, over 2000 are already in use. “Of course, they won’t completely replace us,” says Kuhnert. “While I’m standing in the kitchen, my wife has to keep collecting the money.”

Teaser picture

… and get it right to the amazed guest – here BILD reporter Frank Selig (43)


However, payment is only made at the reception desk when walking. From there, all guests are personally brought to their tables by the robo-waiters before they are taken care of all the time. Orders are placed by mobile phone.

Only the outfit still seems too technical for the Kuhnerts: “We’ll soon be sticking a proper Vogtland costume on you: red scarf, green vest and black button pants …”

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