Squid stuffed with meat rimmed with coconut water is delicious, soft and sweet

The dish scores thanks to the sweet and chewy taste of squid combined with the soft and rich fat of the meat filling, and the cool aroma of coconut water.

Squid can be made many dishes such as steamed ginger, grilled with salt and pepper, sautéed vegetables, dipped in vinegar… However, if you want to change the taste, you can make squid stuffed with rimmed meat with fresh coconut water in the following way. .

Squid with coconut water has an eye-catching color and a rich sweet taste.


– Squid: 7 medium ones.

– Pork thigh: 500 grams.

– Fresh coconut water: 1 fruit.

– Purple onion, black fungus, ground pepper.

– Spices: seasoning seeds, sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil.



– Clean squid, wash with white wine or dilute salt water, then rinse with cold water to clean, drain.

– Minced pork.

– Finely minced purple onion, finely chopped green onion, soaked black fungus to bloom and minced.

– Minced meat, mushrooms, scallions, chopped red onions, fish sauce, seasoning seeds, sugar, and pepper put all in a large bowl and mix well.

– Stuff the meat into the squid body, use a chopstick to stuff it easily. Use a skewer to secure.

How to rim:

– Heat cooking oil in a pan, fry squid until the meat is firm. When the squid has hunted, pour in coconut water, bring to a boil, then turn down the heat to simmer.

– Rim squid with coconut water in low heat until the coconut water dries up, then add a little fish sauce to the rim until the water dries up, turns brown, then turn off the stove. Finished dish.

Cooked squid, can be cut into slices, enjoy with hot rice, vegetables.

Good luck with this recipe!

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