Squeaky, colorful, generous: the cinema releases of October 21, 2020

Goodbye idiots

by Albert Dupontel

French film, 1 h 27

After the success ofGoodbye up there, the adaptation of the novel by Pierre Lemaitre, and its more than 2 million admissions, the filmmaker returns with Goodbye idiots to a more personal universe and treats us with one of his squeaky and joyfully desperate comedies of which he has since kept secret Bernie (1996).

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♦ Poly **

by Nicolas Vanier

French film, 1 h 30

After Belle and Sébastien, it is another hero of the universe of Cécile Aubry which Nicolas Vanier seizes. His film in the warm shades of a conquering sun gives pride of place to the tangy colors often associated with the 1960s. It will seduce the whole family, but no surprise.

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Michelangelo (Il Peccato) **

by Andreï Konchalovsky

Russian-Italian film, 2:16 a.m.

Andrei Konchalovsky chose the year 1512, when Michelangelo had just completed the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and resumed his project for a monumental tomb commissioned by Pope Julius II to portray the artist, as brilliant as he was tormented. His painting of a Renaissance where violence and filth rub shoulders with the sublime conceals few surprises.

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Little Vampire **

by Joann Sfar

animated film, 1 h 22

Little Vampire is a film in tune with the times. Its director, Joann Sfar tells the story of a confined child who dreams of going to school to play with friends. Fun and generous, the film overflowing with zesty dialogue and visual fantasies. But he sometimes suffers from this overflow, becoming overly elated and talkative.

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City Hall **

by Frederick Wiseman

American documentary, 4:30 a.m.

For several months, documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman immersed himself in the city of Boston. The mayor, Marty Walsh, leads a collaborative and proactive policy on equality, at the opposite of the tenant of the White House Donald Trump.

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Miss **

by Ruben Alves

French film, 1 h 47

At 24, Alexandre realizes his dream of becoming Miss France. But he must first convince his relatives to help him: Yolande, his landlady, and the residents of his strange boarding house. A comedy taken from chiseled lines with a cheerful cast

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Last words

by Jonathan Nossiter

Franco-Italian film, 2:06

After six years of absence, the director of Mondovino misses its return on the screens with this apocalyptic fable stamped Cannes selection which proclaims without finesse the importance of the 7e art.

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