Spring rides a roller coaster: first rain, then feel-good weather

April does what it wants! And for a long time. The thermometer goes on roller coaster, because the crazy April weather has got stuck!

After the mini-summer before Easter, the mini-winter now has Germany firmly under control: frost at night, snow or rain during the day. But now the weather roller coaster is suddenly going up again: on Sunday it can be up to 22 degrees – at least for part of Germany.

Meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service explains to BILD: “There will be a sharp limit. Some corners are nice and warm, others very cold! In any case, the south and east will have nice and warm spring weather, even if not always sunny! “

The weekend starts on Saturday with maximum values ​​of up to 18 degrees and then increases by a few degrees on Sunday. Then in the east and south of Germany up to 22 degrees are possible!

The weather map for SaturdayPhoto: Wetter.net

Meanwhile, the west and north of Germany still have to dress warmly: On Sunday, the maximum values ​​in some parts only reach 2 degrees and snowfall is possible.

But on Monday the t-shirt weather will be over and the temperatures will drop again. More than 8 degrees in the east and west are not possible, the north has to be content with just 3 degrees.

The weather map for Sunday

The weather map for SundayPhoto: Wetter.net

Weather expert Jung explains the back and forth spring: “The weather situation is deadlocked. A high and a low face each other across Northern Europe. Between the two of them, cold air keeps flowing directly to Germany and nothing fundamental about this weather constellation will change very quickly. “

However, the weather experts give hope for the last week of April! “By then – according to current calculations – the cold will have largely disappeared from Germany and even summer days with 25 degrees are possible,” says meteorologist Dominik Jung.


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