Sporty couple: God Thor and the Beast with the little beauty

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The two most powerful men on the planet have a match with small beauties.

On March 19 in Dubai, UAE took place a performance Boxing match between two “gods” of strength. In the past, Eddie Hall (UK) and Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland) were crowned at the “Strongest man on the planet” contest in 2017, 2018 respectively and this time they continued to confront each other.

Hall and his wife (left), Bjornsson and his little wife, 1m57 tall (right)

Although once friends, but after some friction related to strength records, they no longer keep the friendship and turn to challenge each other. After several years of provoking each other on social media, they decided to settle their disputes with Boxing, not strength-related competitions as before.

Icelandic “God Thor” is more appreciated when he has an impressive body of 2m06, currently weighing 145 kg (previously the Icelandic athlete weighed 205 kg), “Beast” Eddie Hall is 1m91 tall and currently weighs 1m91. 157 kg. Weighing more than 12 kg but losing in height, this puts the British boxer at a disadvantage, because the long arm span helps the Icelandic boxer launch punches at a distance. In the end Hafthor Bjornsson beat Eddie Hall.

Although there are many conflicts, but it must be said that these two men have a lot in common, they are both “gods” of strength and both choose a small life partner.

“God Thor” 2m06 and his little partner 1m57

Bjornsson was married, but this love ended in 2016. A year later he fell in love with a Canadian girl named Kelsey Henson. They come together and create a fairy tale. In 2017, when he was a known athlete the world over, Hafthor was asked for an autograph by the girl Kelsey (waitress) and they fell in love at first sight.

Sporty couple: "God Thor"  and "The Beast"  side of the little beauty - 3

“God Thor” with a small family

A year after falling in love with the Canadian beauty, “God Thor” first won the title of “Strongest man on the planet” 2018, in October of the same year the couple got married. Their happy day was not noisy, only their relatives and friends were invited to attend.

Half a meter taller than his wife, currently weighing nearly 100 kg more than his wife, Bjornsson is like a “giant” next to the little “pepper” girl. The “limp” in height and weight does not lose the beauty of both people, but there one feels the protection, the shyness of the strangely beautiful couple.

Sporty couple: "God Thor"  and "The Beast"  side of the little beauty - 4

Kelsey has a beautiful body because of her passion for gym

Like her husband Bjornsson, little Kelsey loves to go to the gym, this is where the couple meet more than at home.

After 4 years of living together, the couple is physically different but always has the same soul. They have a son together and often post happy pictures on social media.

“Beast” Hall has a wonderful wife

Like his wife “God Thor”, the other half of “Beast” Hall is also very passionate about Gym. Hall’s wife spends 5 days a week working out, in addition, she has been a nutritionist for her husband for the past 10 years.

Sporty couple: "God Thor"  and "The Beast"  side of the little beauty - 5

Dear Hall and family

The couple got married in 2012 and currently have a son together. Hall is not much taller than his wife, but his body weight is two or three times that. Whenever the two of them stood next to each other Alexandra looked extremely small.

To help Hall, Alexandra created a reasonable menu to help her husband maintain muscle mass and not let his body get too heavy.

Sporty couple: "God Thor"  and "The Beast"  side of the little beauty - 6

Wife Alexandra also loves bodybuilding

Alexandra told The Stoke Sentinel: “Eddie’s diet varies depending on what he’s trying to achieve. Right now, he’s trying to lose fat and maintain muscle, so he eats about 7,000 calories per day”.


How do the curvaceous couple:

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