Sports TV riot: Fans groped the model

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 1:05 pm (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind the scenes) The audience has unacceptable action with the model at the world’s top dart event.

Video of the audience’s female model was discovered by the television camera

Darts, a popular subject in the UK, is becoming the topic of discussion for social media audiences. Clip of a female model walking next to the legendary darts with tall athletes but still groped by the audience, touching “round 1” is causing fever on Twitter.

The male audience’s arm has “messed up” with the female model

“The act of disregarding the dignity of a woman at a leading dart tournament in the world, the other man deserves to be imprisoned,” wrote a pressing account.

“Those who harass women like that should be thrown into jail,” said another woman.

Not only the female accounts reacted, but the men also commented fiercely: “Catch that fanatical audience and give him a lifetime lesson”.

“This is why speed racing …, no longer using female models standing on the podium, they deserve other positions,” wrote another.

It is known that the clip above appeared around 2014. At the world dart championship, the model walked with the British darts legend, Phil Taylor on the way to the venue when a spectator groped. The man’s arm was recorded by the camera, but the model did not react, so the troublemaker was not exposed. Only when watching the clip again did people discover this terrible thing.

Speaking of Taylor, he was a former professional British dart player. Nicknamed “The Power”, the 60-year-old has dominated the dart industry for more than two decades, competing in 214 professional tournaments, including 85 major and 16 world championships.

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