Sports shocks: Female players and coaches have suddenly left the fight

Sunday, 11/22/2020 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) When the players fight, the referee or security staff is also difficult to stop.

Video of female players fighting:

Women are inherently women, but when they are angry, the stress can be even greater than that of the men. The handball match between Dnepryanka Kherson and Real Nikolaev between two girls in Ukraine over the weekend broke out.

The referee helplessly held his head and watched the players fight

When Dnepryanka Kherson temporarily led the opponent 27-24, the opponent won repeatedly to defend the result. Being “played badly” but not defended by the referee, a female player Karolina Savchenko (No. 55, blue shirt) on the side of Real Nikolaev madly attacked the opponent.

Karolina was immediately attacked by the opposing team, causing her to fall on her knees. Real coaches rushed to protect the students, but the more aggressive the Kherson players were, they attacked this coach.

The two judges controlling the game were helplessly holding their heads before the scuffle. When both sides fought bored, the security agents separated them. The match then continued, Dnepryanka Kherson had the final victory with the score 32-30. However, no one mentioned their victory, but people only talked about the fight after the match.

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