Sports shock: Bao lost again, the 14-year-old boxer was beaten to death

Friday, February 19, 2021 19:03 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Winning a Judo match, a 14-year-old boxer was beaten to death.

The Rferl newspaper recently reported on the incident that shook the village of Turmenistan. At the young Judo event held in the capital Ashgabat this past February, a 14-year-old fighter passed away. The truth about the death of the young fighter made those who knew this information extremely frustrating, because the young puncher was brutally assaulted before his death.

Tursunbaev won the Judo Championship in the local league

The 14-year-old Suleiman Tursunbaev “takes orders” is forced to lose to an opponent, but he still plays with the highest determination to overcome the opponent and then win the championship.

After the event ended, Suleiman was taken to a deserted place by a group of people. Here these guys have “upper legs lower forearms” mercilessly with 14-year-old boxers. Suleiman was transferred to the hospital in Ashgabat but due to too many injuries, the fighter was forever gone.

According to Turkmen News, the coach of Tursunbaev was also beaten after the end of the tournament.

Traumatized by their son’s death, Tursunbaev’s parents announced on Youtube that their son had been kidnapped by the unscrupulous people in the town of Baherden and they wanted the law to punish the perpetrators.

Sports shock: Bao lost again, the 14-year-old boxer was beaten to death - 3

Young martial artist died in hospital

“Our son was beaten by the council. His body was full of injuries. My child’s lungs were crushed, his skull was cracked. Our son just wanted to be a champion and then go abroad to play for his hometown glory. home. I hope the perpetrators will be properly punished, “Suleiman’s parents said in despair.

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