Sports shock 2020: Male fitness coach sells sex 18 million VND to a 22-year-old girl

Friday, December 11, 2020 19:23 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) The fact that the male bodybuilding coach sells sex to female trainees (22 years old) at the price of 18 million VND is considered a big shock in the Vietnamese sports movement in 2020.

At the beginning of August this year, the Vietnamese bodybuilding community was “shaken” with the fact that a 30-year-old male bodybuilding coach (also known as “PT”) was caught in the act of selling sex. for a 22-year-old female practitioner in Hanoi for 18 million VND.

Male bodybuilding coach selling sex is a famous PT in Hanoi

This incident quickly shocked public opinion because of the somewhat “paradoxical” circumstances with the “terrible” price that the young woman offered to the male coach. More worth mentioning, this story has significantly affected the domestic fitness industry.

This not only makes this subject, which receives a lot of detractors, suffer from the bad look from the outside, many bodybuilding coaches are also severely affected by the economic impact of losing many trainees.

In addition, the number of people working out in gyms has sometimes decreased due to the fear of glare. Some personal fitness coaches even have to switch to online teaching, or do not accept students of the opposite sex.

Facing this heavy influence, a series of well-known bodybuilding coaches and gymer in Vietnam spoke out simultaneously. Not only urging people not to be because of “a worm that makes a pot of soup”, the Vietnamese bodybuilding community also strongly criticizes individuals who take advantage of PT jobs to bait and perform bad behaviors.

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Male fitness coach selling sex 18 million,

(Sports news) A series of famous female fitness coaches in Vietnam spoke out after the news of a male colleague selling sex …


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