Sports in Vietnam 2021: Safety is important

Monday, January 4, 2021 00:18 (GMT + 7)

In the year 2021, when the translation of COVID-19 is forecasted to continue unpredictable development, it requires all Vietnamese people and of course agencies, functional units, organizations … in the fields, in which may sports, can not be subjective, neglect. Therefore, this part needs more attention in tournaments in Vietnam, including the domestic league system.

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Delayed up and down then also on the finish line

In the year 2020, Vietnam sports as well as other industries will have to endure unprecedented “waves”. It is not too much to say that the Vietnamese sports boat is swaying and swaying. Regardless of participating in international tournaments, the organization of the domestic tournament system is in danger of not completing the plan.

From a professional perspective only, not attending international competitions has brought significant disadvantages to athletes and coaches, from the opportunity to evaluate qualifications to win medals and accompanying bonuses according to regulations of government. That is practical because the peak period of each athlete is not long, the chance to win an international medal is sometimes only once. And for many Vietnamese athletes, rewards from international performance are always an important source of motivation in addition to contributing to the overall performance of the country’s sports.

The National Volleyball Championship – 2020, attracts a large audience as a result of the effective prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam.

And if you no longer attend the domestic tournaments, that is really a tragedy for the athletes. However, the organization or not can not be the only will, as the Director of the High Achievement Department I (General Department of Sports and Sports), Hoang Quoc Vinh, once said on the occasion of April 2020, when Vietnam happened first case of infection in the community. Because of the safety of the community, athletes and related departments must come first. Also, the Sports industry needs to join hands with society to prevent COVID-19 from spreading widely in the community. And only when there are no cases of infection in the community can sports tournaments be held.

This is also shared by coaches, athletes, and sports managers in localities. As Head of the Hanoi Department of Iron and Steel, Dang Xuan Vui told, during the period when the whole society had to be separated to prevent and combat COVID-19, the subject had to be thorough for athletes to understand that maximum safety in prevention and control of epidemics in order to keep safe for ourselves and the community. And the sports tournaments not held at this time will be held at another time. Players impatient, want to play the tournament to as much as must accept.

According to the plan, in 2020, the General Department of Sports and Sports will coordinate with the National Sports Associations and Associations to organize more than 150 tournaments. Also because of the COVID-19 translation, the competition schedule of tournaments is constantly changing, in which the General Department of Sports and Sports has twice announced the postponement of the organization of the tournaments, to match the actual epidemic prevention and control. Even many tournaments, such as national professional football, have changed their modes of play. Many tournaments are gathered at the end of the year, or organized to boost progress. Even the organization also takes place in a state of “new normal”, in which restricting the audience to the venue or playing in a state of no spectators has become familiar.

By the end of 2020, the Vietnam Sports sector has organized 148 tournaments in the professional competition system and national high achievement, nearly completely completing the goal of organizing the domestic tournament. According to Deputy Director General of General Department of Sports and Sports Nguyen Hong Minh, sports tournaments held in the context of “new normal” have been welcomed and welcomed by sports fans across the country. In particular, the reorganized football activities have resonated with the international media and are considered as a concrete demonstration of the effective results of the effective prevention of COVID-19 epidemic in our country.

Also, many other sports in Southeast Asia have not been able to complete many domestic tournaments because they have to worry about the COVID-19 epidemic. Just looking at this is enough to see how Vietnam’s sport has had a difficult year and is clearly enjoying the fruits of the COVID-19 epidemic prevention efforts of both the political system as well as the whole of the country. people.

Continue towards safety

In 2021, Vietnam high-performance sports and professional sports are expected to have more than 150 tournaments. As Deputy Director General in charge of the General Department of Sports and Sports Tran Duc Phan affirmed, the successful and safe organization of these tournaments in the context of “new normal” is also one of the cross-cutting tasks of Vietnamese sports. in the year 2021.

Of course, in 2021, Vietnamese sports will not only have domestic tournaments, but also host a number of international tournaments and especially the 31st SEA Games. But what if international tournaments depend on the COVID epidemic? 19 around the world or the 31st SEA Games taking place in Vietnam will receive a special mechanism to ensure safety, the organization of domestic tournaments will still face many challenges. In which the most obvious is the subjectivity, neglect leading to a lack of awareness of prevention and fighting from the organizers and the audience. Therefore, constantly mentioning and thoroughly understanding about ensuring safety in epidemic prevention is as important as professional work.

That not only brings safety to the community, the participants of the game, but also benefits the coaches and athletes themselves. Because in many localities, domestic awards also bring a significant source of income for athletes. As athletes in group 1 sports of Hanoi sports including athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics, shooting … receive a bonus of 14-8-6 million dong corresponding to gold medals-gold medals-bronze medals at the Awards national championship. Such bonuses at least help athletes have a significant amount of money during the upcoming Lunar New Year.

In fact, Vietnamese sports have many lessons and experiences from COVID-19 prevention and control over the past year so we know how to organize a really safe tournament. The problem now lies in the sense and responsibility of the organizers, so that the sports life in Vietnam in 2021 will always be vibrant, so that the athletes have the opportunity to compete instead of “practicing” like many other countries.

Attend 18 international competitions in 2020

According to the General Department of Sports and Sports, in 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnamese sports can only participate in 18 international competitions, winning 26 gold medals, 11 silver medals, 8 bronze medals. Currently, Vietnamese sports have 5 official places to attend the Tokyo Olympics in: Archery (2), Boxing (1), Gymnastics (1), Swimming (1). In 2021, when the translation of COVID-19 is forecasted to be complicated, the General Department of Sports and Sports cannot give a specific number on the number of international tournaments that Vietnamese sports will participate.




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