Sports boss happily with 5 beautiful people in the middle of nature

Wednesday 30/12/2020 16:04 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) “The boss” of the sports business in Australia has caused netizens to stir with a series of new photos.

Tom Waterhouse, the 38-year-old son of the horse racing coach Gai Waterhouse, is currently a businessman holding one of Australia’s most prestigious betting companies that has made fans stirring. On the recent personal page, the person dubbed Australia’s “Sports tycoon” has made many men and women jealous when posting a series of unique Christmas carols.

Tom Waterhouse with 5 beauties “joking” between nature

Through Twitter and Instagram, Waterhouse wrote to send Christmas greetings to fans with a photo, Waterhouse holding a goat in his hand, next to 5 beautiful bikini beauties and other animals.

Christmas wishes and the unsuitable picture above have caused the 38-year-old man to receive much criticism. “To me this is a bragging image. He has a wife and two children, so a picture of playing with 5 bikini girls is meaningless”, a twitter account wrote.

“He’s a sports bookie so it always seems right? In this case I think he’s wrong. Who are the other girls? Remember he has a wife, wishes and pictures don’t match. each other, “criticized others.

Before the criticism, Waterhouse did not express too much emotion, he shared that the image was only for advertising. The Australian sports “betting mogul” said he is the type of family man.

Waterhouse is the 4th member to take over a reputable betting company in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Liberal Studies from the University of Sydney. From a young age he liked and pursued a passion for horse racing but grew up choosing a sports business. He took over the company in 2010 and is currently a successful businessman.

“Tycoon & # 34;  Sports 'fun'  with 5 beautiful people in nature - 3

Waterhouse said these are only images for advertising purposes

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