Sports blush: Couple doing sensitive things on live TV

Thursday, July 1, 2021 19:05 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The couple’s overly sensitive image was broadcast on a live sports program.

When broadcasting any program live, the production crew hopes that there will be no problems during the production process. But unlucky things, one way or another, still happen unexpectedly.

The couple “acts strangely” in the stands of the baseball game in the UK

For example, the new baseball game that took place over the weekend between the two clubs Surrey and Middlesex at the British baseball tournament, the video director unfortunately recorded a sensitive scene.

To change the viewing angle for the TV audience, the director broadcast the camera pointing up to the stage, but at this moment a couple acted “blushing”. A man and a woman are “cuddled”, this action creates frustration when the male audience performs “excessive” behavior with the beauty.

The audience was extremely upset when they saw the “intimate” couple in the stands, one person wrote: “Remember it’s the grandstand, there are a lot of spectators around, moreover the TV camera can pan to you. at any time. To act like that is to look down on everyone.”

“Their faces were wobbly on the TV, luckily my kid wasn’t in front of the screen but there were many other kids who saw this scene,” one viewer wrote.

“These two people should be banned from the stadium, should not let the same thing happen again, the organizers also need to learn from experience,” another user expressed his opinion.


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