Sports beauties tell stories of striptease blushes for the hot website

Sunday, February 21, 2021 10:14 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Gymnastics beauty tells the smallest details about modeling “hot photos”.

Once in a “hot” movie and at retiring to choose a job related to “hot” photos, Verona Van De Leur, a female athlete who won the 2002 World Cup gymnastics gold medal, expressed no regrets. Verona, 35, who was dubbed the “Female Athlete of the Year” in the Netherlands in 2002, suddenly became a sensitive film actress after she retired from sports.

Verona, a fitness beauty, turns into a “hot” photo model

She retired in 2008, but her family sometimes reacted strongly and was willing to kick this girl out if she did not continue to play sports, reluctantly Verona chose to leave her family.

In 2011, when she was imprisoned for extortion. After she was released, she received an offer that was almost impossible to refuse, the “adult” industry that gave her everything and she fell in love with it.

By 2019, she no longer participates in “hot” movies but moves to “hot” photography on a website that sells photos to people who buy accounts.

“I think this is a normal job. I hope I can break the stereotype and show others that you can work for yourself, according to your own rules, that you can be proud of.” its body and make money from it.

“I can understand if religion forbids you or if you think porn is something unusual in everyday life. I won’t judge these people and I hope they don’t judge me either. saying I would quit porn, the fans were worried. They took more care of me because they were afraid I would quit the game, “Van De Leur said on Meduza.

“I still get a lot of video invitations but I’m working on some beautiful photos now,” Van De Leur said of his current job. The 35-year-old old girl expressed her joy at her current job, and insisted that she would work until the audience lost interest.

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