Sports beauties released extremely hot bikini photos that made fans pamper them

Tuesday, 11/03/2020 00:02 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The Russian gymnastics champion (TDDC) once again made a stir among the men.

Karolina Sevastyanova, 25, the Russian Olympic champion TDDC, once caused a stir on social networks with a statement that she hated men who liked “virtual life”, she also had a romantic photo with boxer Conor McGregor.

Sevastyanova released a bikini photo that attracted netizens

After the 2012 Olympics, the beautiful girl retired. With a seductive look, she quickly stepped into the modeling career and received special attention. Thanks to the advantage of physical beauty, the 25-year-old girl quickly built a personal page with nearly 500,000 followers.

Not only beautiful, Sevastyanova is also very personality. The fan once became feverish with her dislike of “virtual” men, writing on her personal page in July: “I hate men who like to live online. I think men guys shouldn’t. create a virtual personal page for them, even just to interact with loved ones “.

Leaving aside the gossip, recently a 25-year-old beauty scored with the audience with a beautiful bikini photo taken in the bathroom. This set of photos has attracted a lot of men to comment, after watching this wonderful photo of people who have been “crushed” by Sevastyanova seem to have forgotten the previous story.

All those who see the beautiful image of Sevastyanova look for the best words to praise the beauty of former Russian goddess TDDC.

Sports beauties release extremely hot bikini photos that make fans rubbish - 2

The expensive “curves” of a 25-year-old girl

Sports beauties release extremely hot bikini photos that make fans rubbish - 3

Love photos with McGregor caused a stir among netizens in July

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