Spicy process in Frankfurt: everything went wrong in this red light robbery

Frankfurt – Ömer B. (22) likes going to prostitutes. Mazlum C. (26), who regularly lets his buddy do his hair, also knows this. When both are in need of money, they forge a perfidious plan – which leads to a spicy lawsuit. Charge of collective aggravated robbery.

On June 6, 2021, Ömer B. makes an appointment with sex worker “Steffi” (50). After the second round, he retreats to the bathroom and secretly opens the door to Mazlum C. The accomplice is “suddenly” in the room with a pistol and demands money. B. pretends surprised, plays the victim.

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Then chaos erupts: a friend of Steffi storms out of the kitchen armed with a frying pan. C. flees with 400 euros in loot. The friend notices wet footprints in the hallway, secures personal details and 120 euros from the alleged suitor – display.

Sex worker even paid taxi fare – out of pity

“He cried so much,” says sex worker Steffi, who has been in the business for 20 years. Out of pity, she finally gave B. 60 euros back so that he could come home.

Both men confess to the robbery, apologize to the lady in love, and have each paid 2,000 euros in compensation. “I actually put it off pretty well,” says Steffi – which cannot be said of the relatives of the accused: in view of this embarrassing farce, tears of horror roll down the audience seats.

The process continues.


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