Spending 50 million VND to find lost dogs

Ho Chi Minh CityOver the past 10 days, Cam Nhung has been looking for a pet dog named Rin who has been missing since the night of November 29, and announced that she will pay 50 million dong to anyone who finds her.

“I have posted information on groups, to enlist the strength of the community of dog and cat lovers, but there is no positive information,” Huynh Thi Cam Nhung, 28 years old, in Da Phuoc commune, Binh Chanh district, said.

Binh Chanh district has a large area and is harder to find than the central districts. Worried about Rin’s safety, Nhung decided to give a donation of 50 million dong to anyone who could help find Rin.

Cam Nhung let her dog play in the park near her house in Da Phuoc, Binh Chanh, then a year old, weighing 5 kg. Photo: Character provided.

Rin is a low-value grass-bred dog, short-haired, short-legged, has lived with Nhung’s family for two years, as close as a family member. “Many people tell me it’s ‘not worth it’ to spend that money, but I want to increase my chances of protecting Rin and want to find it quickly,” Nhung confided.

She printed Rin’s photo, phone number and gratuity on 400 leaflets, which were posted all over the area. In addition, she also asked four motorbike taxi drivers – who have experience in searching at slaughterhouses and live dog collection points.

It’s as tough as redeeming a pet dog

Since that day, Nhung has received dozens of phone calls every day. Some say they found Rin, ask for a transfer, and then bring the dog. When Nhung asked to send photos before transferring money, these people did not send them and threatened “if they don’t transfer money, they will sell them”. “I know they are taking advantage of the situation so I won’t fall into a trap,” she shared.

The girl said these cases are just a few. Dozens of people informed her that she didn’t need support, many others called to comfort and sympathize because she had been in this situation. Someone even wanted to give her another dog.

Recently, a resident two kilometers from Nhung’s house reported that he was keeping a dog like Rin. She resigned from her job. “I doubt it’s not, but I still have hope. When I got there, I was once again disappointed,” she added.

Mr. Ha Van Thanh, 34, a neighbor, said that from the day Nhung lost her dog, she asked him and some other people to search within a radius of ten kilometers. When she posted a large amount of money to quickly find it, some people reacted negatively, but as a dog lover, he fully supported it because “nothing is more important than a dog’s life”.

The dog Rin is a gift from a friend to Cam Nhung since March 2020. It came to her right in the Covid-19 season, so she had a lot of time to spend together. Especially in the fourth epidemic, Cam Nhung, who works in the design industry, was allowed to work remotely for three months. This owner takes Rin for a walk every day, so she may accidentally create a habit of running freely for the dog.

Since October she went back to work, it still has the habit of hiding out. Before this disappearance, the family panicked a few times because it sneaked out into the street.

After nearly half a month of searching, there is still no information about Rin, Cam Nhung is learning to accept, that “it is living happily with another owner and hoping for a miracle to bring it back to her”.

Bao Nhien


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