Speed ​​camera: Every time we speed, there is lightning in our bedroom

Meissen (Saxony) – Helmut (83) and Christa Richter (87) have had their little house on the B 6 in Obermuschütz for 352 years. But never before have the retired couple felt so uncomfortable in the building from 1670 as they do today!

Because the district of Meissen put a new super flasher right in front of their bedroom on Wednesday.

While one might think that seniors would now be happy about slow-moving cars in front of their front door, that would be wrong. The pensioners fear a flashbulb thunderstorm every night.

Homeowner Helmut Richter (83) and his wife Christa now fear a sleep-depriving flashbulb storm at night

Photo: Picxell

Resident Helmut Richter: “The old star box was terrible. Flashed drivers threw glass bottles, eggs and dirt at our house. But this was three meters further towards the end of the town. Now the new speed camera has been placed directly in front of my sick Christa’s bedroom.”

When construction workers dug the foundation, he protested and complained to the district office.

But the district seems to be in a hurry to build a new speed camera. Because the new pillar can flash in both directions – double the income opportunities.

Some motorists who were flashed even attacked the Richters' house

Some motorists who were flashed even attacked the Richters’ house

Photo: Picxell

Because in 2021 they went back to just under 490,000 euros in the district – the year before it was around 1.2 million euros.

Traffic lawyer Alexander Kaden (43) gives the seniors hope with the bedroom speed camera: “You can even complain about noise pollution. The speed camera also has a fan.”

A BILD request from the district has so far remained unanswered.


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