Spectacular rescue: 18-year-old falls from 60 meters – and survives!

Schoenau upon Kings sea – This story sounds like a miracle. An 18-year-old hiker from Lower Bavaria falls from 60 meters – and survives!

According to the police, the young man was out and about on Jenner in the Berchtesgaden Alps when, for reasons that were still unexplained, he fell 60 to 80 meters and came to rest in a stream. According to a message from the Bavarian Red Cross, he had hiked with a companion of the same age who immediately notified the emergency number.

The seriously injured man was in the water for about 45 minutes on Saturday morning until the rescue workers arrived. Then a spectacular rescue operation began.

The hiker is pulled into the helicopter through a mountain slope by a rescue worker

A mountain rescuer climbed a rope a good 30 meters through the slope and a further 20 meters over the rock face. While the mountain rescuer was examining the 18-year-old, the helicopter brought a second mountain rescuer with a stretcher and set him down directly into the creek bed using a winch.

Since an extensive supply in the cold water was not possible, the rescuers quickly relocated the young man to the stretcher, transported a piece on foot to a clearing and flew him from there to the large parking lot Königssee, where an ambulance from Berchtesgadener Rote was already there Kreuzes and an emergency doctor stood by and provided the man with medical care.

He was then taken to the hospital by helicopter.


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