Special Christmas post office: Thousands of letters for St. Nicholas

Nikolausdorf (Lower Saxony) – Corona or Corona – despite the pandemic, thousands of letters will be sent to St. Nicholas in the Lower Saxon town of Nikolaisdorf again this year. And just in time for the first Advent, work began for the “Christmas Post Office” in the small town in the Garrel community (Cloppenburg district).

This year, the 25 or so volunteers will be processing the letters from their “home office”.

“It’s fun to read and answer these letters. I see that I make children happy, ”said the head of the campaign, Hubert Weddehage. “In the name of St. Nicholas, who, according to legend, lived here and had a good heart for children, we want to make the children happy.”

Children’s letters have been reaching the village for 55 years. Last year alone there were around 7,000 letters, almost one in ten from abroad.

More Christmas addresses in Lower Saxony

▶ Children can also address their wishes to Santa Claus in Himmelsthür – for 52 years now. This Christmas post office has been accepting letters since November 23rd. Last year around 50,000 letters were received, including 1,500 letters from abroad. Himmelsthür is located near Hildesheim.

▶ Himmelpforten, on the other hand, is an old monastery town near Stade. From the 1st of Advent, 25 voluntary helpers answer children’s letters from Germany and all over the world addressed to the Christ Child until Christmas Eve. Last year there were almost 32,000 letters, around 2000 of which were from abroad.


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