Spain: Shark sighted on the Costa Blanca – beach in Benidorm closed due to blue shark

Benidorm – A shark was spotted on the Spanish Costa Blanca on Thursday morning! As a result, a beach in the party stronghold of Benidorm had to be closed.

At around 11.30 a.m., bathers discovered a two-meter-long blue shark at Playa de Poniente that was swimming unusually close to the shore. The police issued a bathing ban and cordoned off the section. According to local media, several attempts by the police and the marine research institute Oceanogràfic to lead the animal out into the sea failed.

The shark became a tourist attraction; some observers posted photos and videos of him online. The police tried to hold back onlookers so as not to stress the apparently disoriented animal even more.

It was not until shortly after 4 p.m. that the police and lifeguards managed to capture the shark, as reported by “”. The plan: to bring the shark behind the island off Benidorm’s coast so that it can swim back into the open sea.


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