South Africa: diamond seekers disappointed! “Gemstones” were just quartz

The dream of the big treasure has burst!

A supposed diamond find in South Africa has turned out to be completely normal quartz and abruptly ended a diamond rush in parts of the population. After a shepherd found shiny white stones in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, thousands of hopeful adventurers flocked to the site.

The government then sent geologists and mining experts to take samples. With disappointing results: “The investigations have clearly shown that the stones found in the area are not diamonds,” said the regional government on Sunday.

Thousands of treasure hunters came to the site, dreaming of the great treasure. But the government sent her home againPhoto: SIPHIWE SIBEKO / REUTERS

Instead, they are quartz crystals, the value of which is likely to be “very low” compared to diamonds.

The government called on the diamond prospectors who had arrived to leave the area. Their mining activities polluted the environment and posed a health risk in view of the coronavirus.

Only last week there was a record find in neighboring Botswana: the third largest white diamond in the world was found in a mine owned by the diamond producer Debswana. With its 1098 carats, it is worth several million euros.


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