Son killed four classmates: the police are looking for the parents of the shooter

Oxford (US state Michigan) – After the fatal shooting in a school in the US state of Michigan, the police are looking for the parents of the alleged 15-year-old perpetrator Ethan Crumbley!

Anyone who has information about the whereabouts of James and Jennifer Crumbley should immediately call 911, according to the search notice published by the sheriff in the Oakland district on Friday.

You were wanted for manslaughter. Prosecutor Karen McDonald said on Friday evening (local time) on the broadcaster “CNN”: “I hope that you do the right thing and that you face yourself.” If the parents evade the police, it is likely that they will have to answer for further allegations.

Sheriff Mike Bouchard said their parents’ attorney, Shannon Smith, is currently unable to reach James and Jennifer Crumbley. Smith announced, however, that the Crumbleys were not on the run and had left town earlier this week “for their own safety”.

“You are returning to the area to be charged,” Smith told the AP news agency.

Prosecutor McDonald said at a press conference on Friday that charges had been brought against the parents of the alleged 15-year-old perpetrator. James and Jennifer C. are each accused of manslaughter on four counts.

The parents bought the murder weapon, allowed their underage son access to the pistol and ignored warnings, said McDonald.

15-year-old Ethan Crumbley is accused of killing four studentsPhoto: OAKLAND COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE / via REUTERS

Charges against the parents of a perpetrator in such an act of violence in schools are very rare, but in this case the facts are “egregious,” she said. “What I’m trying to do is promote a policy of deterrence.”

Teachers at the 15-year-old’s school were worried about the younger Crumbley on Monday, the day before the shooting, when he was seen looking for ammunition on his phone, the prosecutor said.

The teenager’s mother was then contacted and then sent a text message to her son: “I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to be caught, “quoted the prosecutor from the short message.


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