Son Jotun spends 6.5 billion VND to thank customers

More than 50,000 prizes with a total value of up to 6.5 billion VND were sent to customers by Jotun in the program “Son Jotun – Spring flourishes” taking place from October 18 to January 17, 2022.

In the context that the whole country is returning to the “new normal”, Jotun launches a customer gratitude program called “Son Jotun – Spring flourishes”. Customers who buy Jotun paint at dealers nationwide can participate in the program.

For every 50 liters of paint (based on the number of liters listed on the package), the buyer immediately receives a spin and participates in the prize drawing on the website. Customers can accumulate individual orders until they reach 50 liters to receive a lucky spin. The program applies to products of the Jotashield line of high-class exterior paint and Majestic high-class interior paint with capacities of 5 liters, 15 liters and 17 liters.

To participate, customers must register an account on the website with information including full name, phone number, password, then, scan the QR code on the purchased paint cans to accumulate the number of liters of paint. Every 50 liters of paint is equivalent to one lucky spin. Winners will receive notification of winning results via the program’s website and hotline.

Jotun’s program “Spring flourishes” brings 50,000 valuable prizes. Photo: Jotun

With a total value of up to 6.5 billion VND, the program brought more than 50,000 prizes. In which, 20 special prizes, 30 million VND each; 100 first prizes, one iPhone 12 each; 200 second prizes, one Samsung Watch smart watch each. Besides, there are nearly 50,000 third and fourth prizes, each prize is a phone recharge code worth 100,000 VND and 50,000 VND respectively.

For special prizes, first and second prizes, the dialer will receive a confirmation message from Jotun sent to the phone number participating in the program as the basis for receiving the prize. The award deadline is announced on the program’s website. For the third and fourth prizes, the phone recharge codes will be loaded directly into the phone number used by the customer when registering for an account, within 24 hours after winning confirmation. Invalid.

Jotun’s representative said, after the gap is the time when the market is prosperous again, it is an opportunity for families to prepare and change new clothes for their homes. Therefore, the promotion program instead of brand gratitude sent to customers, thereby, contributing to promoting the fresh living spirit of the people.

“With the strength of color creativity, through the program, Jotun hopes to adorn each Vietnamese house with more prosperity, bringing good luck and prosperity in the new year,” a Jotun representative shared.

Jotun is a paint company from Norway, featured with modern computerized color mixing technology. With the powder coating industry being merged since August 2010, Jotun further affirms its strength and difference in providing Total Paint Solutions. With a system of offices located all over the country from Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong and Hanoi, Jotun ensures to provide professional products and services quickly and easily, promptly responding to all demanding requirements of customers.

Throughout the decades, Jotun has always strived to exceed the standards in product quality improvement. With a commitment to perfection, Jotun is proud to have been providing interior and exterior paint products for famous projects in the world, adorning houses more beautiful and durable over time. .



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