Someone is stalking you on Facebook, find out with these easy ways

Easy Steps to know about the person who stalks your Facebook Profile: In today’s time many people are active on social media. Facebook is such a medium where people connect with each other and share photos and videos. Through this we can talk to friends and share our photos and videos with them. Everyone knows how to use all these basic features.

But, do you know who stalks you on Facebook? Sometimes it can prove to be very dangerous. In such a situation, we are telling you some such steps, by following which you can easily find out whether someone is stalking you on Facebook. So let’s know about this-

This is how you know about Facebook Profile Stalkers
To know about stalkers, you have to use the web version of Facebook.
First of all login your Facebook account.
After this you right click and click on View Page Source option.
After this you have to press CTRL + F.
After this click ‘BUDDY_ID’ in the search bar and press enter.
After this you copy any ID and open it in a new tab.
After this enter ID.
The ID of the person who has seen your profile will open in front of you.

In this easy way you can find out who is stalking your Facebook profile.

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