Solutions to prevent insects from entering the house

Summer is the growing season for many types of insects, including pests such as termites, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants… forcing homeowners to find ways to prevent them from entering their homes.

Prevention of termites since construction

Termites are the most dangerous insects, they can destroy wooden furniture such as stairs, doors, furniture. The anti-termite should be done from the beginning of construction.

Homeowners should ask the construction party to spray termites (powder or water) into the ground before pouring concrete foundation. If there is bare ground around the house, you can dig a moat against termites to prevent termites from entering from the outside. During construction, if there are wooden formwork boards that are stuck and cannot be pulled out, they must be sprayed with anti-termite drugs. Use concrete bracing foundation, concrete foundation, mortar to build the ground floor with high marks to prevent termites from entering from the ground. In the case of bamboo foundation piles, if the groundwater is high, it does not have to be treated, but if the soil is dry, the bamboo poles need to be soaked in a termite killing solution before being driven into the ground.

The termites nesting under the light foundation of the building will collapse, and if it is heavy, it can lead to the collapse of the house, causing danger. Illustration:

Use materials with insect repellent properties

The ground floor is where termites first invade, homeowners should tile and use doors such as aluminum and glass, plastic doors to prevent termites. If using wood, it must be impregnated with termites before processing.

Some woods like po mu have a scent that repels mosquitoes. This wood can be used in furniture to repel mosquitoes such as solid furniture, wall or ceiling tiles. This wood is also very durable and has good termite resistance.

Use modern, tight doors

Should use modern, tight doors such as steel core plastic doors, aluminum doors. These types of doors have high accuracy and have gaskets when closed without openings, which can prevent insects such as cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes from entering.

Use insect nets

Insect prevention nets are an effective solution to prevent insects, even small ones such as ants, mosquitoes… The mesh door has very small eyes and thin mesh, which does not affect the aesthetics much but still ensures ventilation. , lighting in the state of the door open and the mesh door closed. Mesh doors can be installed in the positions of windows, doors, ventilation doors…

Mesh doors are an effective measure to prevent insects from entering the house.  Illustration:

Mesh doors are an effective measure to prevent insects from entering the house. Illustration:

Grow plants that can repel insects

If you have a garden (on the ground floor, indoors, on the terrace) you can grow fragrant plants and essential oils that repel mosquitoes and insects. Some types of plants containing essential oils should be planted around the house or indoors such as mint, lemongrass, rosemary, etc., which effectively repel mosquitoes and flies.

Treating Intruded Insects

If termites have entered the house, you need to put a decoy box, spray it to kill the root.

If there have been small insects infiltrating the room, it is possible to use solutions to prevent and kill insects such as using insect-catching lights in the house. Homeowners can put mosquito lights for each area, bedroom, and kitchen to kill insects and mosquitoes overnight.

Besides, it is possible to use essential oils in rooms and houses: Essential oils have the ability to inhibit the nerves of flies, mosquitoes, small insects, and repel them from the living space of the family. Note, when smelling essential oils, you need to open the door so that insects can fly out.

Use mothballs to repel cockroaches in dark, damp areas.

Clean house

It is necessary to always keep the house clean to eliminate the residence of harmful insects, not allowing them to develop and multiply. Garbage should be collected and disposed of properly. Moldy, low-light locations such as warehouses, toilets, under stairs… need to be cleaned, dried, and have good air circulation.

The building should be excluded from all unnecessary stagnant water sources to avoid moisture that can easily cause termites to penetrate. Note that bathrooms, toilets…, floors and walls need to be treated carefully to prevent water from seeping in.

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