Soldier fell in Kabul: widow gives birth to daughter

San Diego – Your birth brings happiness back to the family!

Little Levi Rylee Rose McCollum is sleeping peacefully in a hospital bed, wrapped in soft fabric and with a striped cap on her head. A plaque behind her reveals that she was born on September 13 at 2.18 a.m. local time in the Military Hospital in San Diego, California.

For her mom Jiennah Crayton she is the greatest happiness – and a ray of hope after what is probably the worst nightmare of her life.

The bundle of joy shortly after the birthPhoto: private

Just 18 days before the birth, Marine is Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum (20), Jiennah’s husband and Levi’s father, was killed in a suicide attack on the other side of the world – at the airport in Kabul, while Rylee McCollum and other soldiers were bringing civilians to safety from the Taliban! 12 comrades of the marine and 169 civilians also died.

“I would like to introduce you to my sweet granddaughter Levi Rylee Rose McCollum,” wrote Jill Miller Crayton, the grandmother of the newborn girl, on Facebook about the moving birth and the sweet photo. “She was born roaring and graced us with her presence at 2am. A quick birth without medication. ”

She just happened to be there, explains the happy grandmother: “I flew to San Diego to spend time alone with my daughter before she became a mother herself. But the sweet thing had a different plan. Today I am happy and proud. “The little one is the” ray of hope “after” weeks of mourning “.

Last Honor: Dozens lined the path as the dead man's body was brought home

Last Honor: Dozens lined the path as the dead man’s body was brought homePhoto: Amber Baesler / AP

On the same day, John Barrasso (69, Senator from the US state of Wyoming) paid tribute to the fallen soldiers in the Senate. The Republican Party representative said: “His child will never meet Rylee. Still, it will always know that its father was an American hero. His father was a hero. “

When the US soldier’s body was brought to Jackson, Wyoming, United States on September 10, many Americans lined the streets of the city and paid their last respects. According to the family, McCollum dreamed of joining the US Marines at the age of three. His father Jim told the New York Times, “He loved America and the military.”

Since his death, two online fundraisers have raised more than $ 900,000 to help his widow and daughter.


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