Sold to prostitution ring: father kills friend (20) of his daughter

Seattle – Andrew Sorensen (20) from the US city of Spokane (Washington state) has been missing since November 1, 2020. Until a few days ago his decomposed body was found in a car in the suburb of Airway Heights. It quickly became clear: the young man was murdered!

Investigators reconstructed: In November 2020, John Eisenman is said to have found out that her daughter’s friend, Andrew Sorensen, had sold her to a prostitution ring in Seattle for $ 1,000 – the father went crazy!

First he freed the young woman from the clutches of the human traffickers and waited for Sorensen to come to Spokane.

According to police files, the father then ambushed his future victim and confronted him with the allegations. Then Eisenmann tied the then 20-year-old, forced him into the car of his fiancée and kidnapped him.

According to the investigators, Eisenman is said to have hit Sorenson on the head with a blunt object and then stabbed him.

Andrew Sorensen (20) is said to have sold his girlfriend to a prostitution ring. When her father found out, the 20-year-old was murderedPhoto: Washington State Patrol

According to court records, Eisenman told officers he drove the car and left it with the body in a remote part of northern Spokane County. He also told the police that he had removed the car’s battery so that no one would drive it.

The crime was only exposed because residents opened the abandoned car and ransacked it, then discovered the body – and called the police.

Family man John Eisenman, who has neither a recent criminal record nor a violent history, is on remand.


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