Soest (NRW): Who repeatedly desecrates my son’s grave?

Soest (NRW) – Gabi Morgenbrodt (62) can only celebrate Christmas with her son Hannes († 22) in the cemetery. The young man died eight years ago, much too early. Now strangers passed on his grave. “It was the fifth time,” says the mother.

On Christmas Day Gabi Morgenbrodt noticed that three porcelain crescent moons, which she had specially fixed with parcel tape this time, were missing. “I just cried at Christmas. They were hanging there because I look up on my evening walks with the dog and send Hannes a greeting over the moon. “

Gabi Morgenbrodt (62) sad at her son’s grave. Decoration is stolen or destroyed here again and againPhoto: Stephan Schuetze

Gabi always decorates the grave site with personal decorations and flowers at Christmas, Easter and Hannes’ birthday. His first skateboard adorns the tombstone. “That was his great passion,” recalls the mother.

“Hannes was a very nature-loving, chaotic and unusually caring person. It was always important to him that others are doing well. ”

But the deep pain overshadows the beautiful memories of her beloved son. “I feel so powerless and at the mercy. For me, this is not just a decoration, but the last chance to give my son a Christmas present. “

Hannes († 22) was a summer child, loved skateboards, graffiti and justice

Hannes († 22) was a summer child, loved skateboards, graffiti and justicePhoto: Stephan Schuetze

Two years ago, strangers stole a homemade gnome. “That tore my heart,” said Gabi.

At Easter, freshly planted flowers were pulled out of the grave and replaced with chocolate Easter eggs in the holes. The perpetrators broke a lantern. When visitors trampled on the grave of their niece († 20), who was lying head to head with Hannes, mocked it and bought the decorations, Morgenbrodt had to intervene.

These crescent moons were stolen at Christmas

These crescent moons were stolen at ChristmasPhoto: Stephan Schuetze

At first, the woman from Soester filed a complaint, but perpetrators were never found. The police had told her that such investigations were rarely successful.

Nevertheless: “I will continue to decorate my son’s grave with a lot of effort.” In future, she wants to engrave the decoration with a special marker so that the stolen goods are unusable for others.


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