Smuggling dogs: puppy raid on the Autobahn in Saxony

Dresden – It looks like a little teddy bear and costs a small fortune. For a puppy of the dog breed Pomerian, animal lovers put around 2000 euros on the table. Apparently the Eastern European dog mafia also knows this and is trying to smuggle the cuddly animals to Germany and sell them at high prices. In that case it went wrong …


“During controls on the A17, the officers of the Federal Police Inspection Berggießhübel, over the past weekend, secured a total of six puppies, which are presumably younger than three months and do not have the necessary vaccinations and papers,” said police spokesman Martin Ebermann on Monday.

These two Bichon puppies were also brought to Germany illegally

Photo: Federal Police Inspectorate Berggießhübel

First of all, a Romanian (22) who had two Bichon puppies without papers with him went to the rest area “Am Heidenholz” on Saturday. Real breeders charge up to 1800 euros for this. But even on the black market, the child-loving animals can be found at good prices.

Shortly afterwards, the federal police found a Pomerian puppy, which has been in great demand since the Internet hype about miniature Spitz “Boo”, in a Romanian (43) car. This dog also had no vaccinations or papers.

Teaser picture

Cute, but illegal: this puppy was also confiscated

Photo: Federal Police Inspectorate Berggießhübel

Another Romanian (30) could not show a breeding certificate for a Chihuahua, which was stopped on Sunday on the A17 shortly before Dresden.

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The officials also brought these two bichon frises to the shelter

Photo: Federal Police Inspectorate Berggießhübel

Finally, the officers stopped a Czech (28) on the highway. Two bichon frize pups fought in his footwell. For these animals, too, the man could not produce any pairs.

Proceedings were initiated against the dog smugglers for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The puppies were brought to the shelter.


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