Slalom hero Löwe Straßer: His girlfriend works for FC Bayern

World Cup victory in Zagreb! Second place in Adelboden! And because of the Wengen cancellation now two races in Kitzbühel – a very special place for the new DSV slalom star Linus Straßer (28) from TSV 1860 Munich.

This is the Snow Lion speaking!

Born in Munich, he tells how it all began in Kitz. On the boards that (not only) mean the world to him: “I feel very much at home there, as I’ve also been living in Kirchberg for two years. My parents used to go on skiing holidays to Kitzbühel. I skied there for the first time when I was two. Later I was even a member of the local ski club and raced in Austria. “

BILD: Was that unusual as a Munich resident?

Strasser: “It was and is not normal for a German to be accepted into the Kitzbühel Ski Club. When I was six years old, my father called the then trainer Mario Weinhandl, who is now the race director of the Hahnenkamm races. He said I had to drive up. I should go down the Ganslernhang (slalom world cup course / ed.) And he is watching. After the first trip he turned to my father and said: ‘I’ll take this one’. “

BILD: You are now driving Munich for 1860 …

Strasser: “I am always happy when I see posts on social media that the association congratulates me. It’s cool to start for a club that actually stands for football, but is so focused on skiing. I am also very proud to be competing for the sixties. “

BILD: Do you follow the lion games?

Strasser: “Absolutely, I’m always happy when you win.”

BILD: Do you know coach Michael Köllner or Sascha Mölders personally?

Strasser: “No not at all. My footballing ambitions were also manageable, I was never the great ball artist. “

BILD: Do you also watch Bayern games?

Strasser: “Yes. If you watch the Champions League games against Real or Barcelona, ​​it’s an atmosphere of its own. It’s just a cool sport that they show at this level. “

BILD: Your friend Maria works for Bavaria …

Strasser: “With the FC Bayern basketball players.”

BILD: Are there any points of friction, after all, you’re a Leo?

Straßer: “No not at all. Of course, a lot of people don’t like to hear that when I say I also watch Bayern games, but I don’t belong to any fan camp. I have a tremendous empathy for sixty, because I’m simply in the club too, and that’s why I can often listen to stupid sayings in the team. “

BILD: What are your plans for the races?

Strasser: “In Kitzbühel I’ve struggled extremely hard in recent years, and often didn’t see the finish line. So I’m really happy that we have two races there. That means two chances for me to make friends with the Ganslernhang again. “


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