Ski drama in the French Alps – slope Rambo (40) crashes 5-year-old dead

Clermont Ferrand – Terrible slope accident in France. A little girl (5) suffered fatal injuries.

As the emergency services in the eastern French department of Haute-Savoie announced on Sunday, the child died on Saturday after being hit by a skier (40). The girl succumbed to her serious injuries in the rescue helicopter.

As “Le Dauphine Libere” reported the drama happened while the five-year-old was taking a course at a French ski school.

The children were out with their driving instructor when the skier on the blue slope (lowest level of difficulty) approached from behind. As prosecutor Karline Bouisset reported to the Dailymail, the 40-year-old apparently drove to the group at “high speed” and knocked the girl over.

The skier, who is himself a member of the volunteer fire brigade, provided first aid after the accident and was then taken into custody. The girl is scheduled for an autopsy on Monday.

Prosecutor Bouisset is now seeking manslaughter charges, reports the Daily Mail. The slope rambo is threatened with imprisonment for up to five years.


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