Sisters were refused entry – are only thin people allowed to go to the disco?

Finally going out again, partying, meeting people. The sisters Liza (20) and Vivi (18) S. love hip-hop and R’n’B and wanted to go dancing last Wednesday at VIEiPEE in Vienna (Austria).

But the bouncer of the hip club didn’t let the two young women in – because of their figure! According to the Austrian newspaper “Krone”, the man said: “You are too fat, that does not fit the image of the club.”

Instead of going home embarrassed, they made the incident public. Now all of Austria is discussing the questionable door policy of the dance temple.

The long queue in front of the Viennese club VIEiPEE

The long queue in front of the Viennese club VIEiPEEPhoto: vie_i_pee / Instagram

“I have never experienced such discrimination,” says Liza S. indignantly to BILD am Sonntag. “I understand that clubs enforce dress codes, I always adhere to them and dress accordingly. But weight, religion or origin are not dress codes. “

In the queue in front of the entrance, they would have noticed that people were being sorted out by the doorman, but initially associated with corona measures. But then the doors remained closed for Liza and her sister Vivi. Only her friend Jessi (24) and her companion were allowed to go to the club. Explanation of the organizer: The two sisters would not fit the image of the club.

Sisters were refused entry: are only thin people allowed to go to the disco?
Photo: BILD

Liza and Vivi S .: “That is incredibly humiliating and inhuman.”

BILD am Sonntag checked with the club: Manager Chris Edy explains his door policy with a “balanced mix of guests and corona restrictions”. A utilization of only 75 percent is allowed, so sometimes groups have to be divided. “The VIEiPEE stands for mutual respect, togetherness and diversity.”

But now the club has an image problem and is overwhelmed by a shit storm. The sisters, on the other hand, received a lot of encouragement and an invitation from the legendary Vienna club U4.


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