Singapore: Maid tortured to death – 30 years in prison for torture woman

She was punished for her serious crimes!

In Singapore, a woman has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the torture and murder of her maid.

The judge described the act in his judgment on Tuesday as “one of the worst cases of culpable murder”.

Gaiyathiri Murugayan, 41, starved her housekeeper, Piang Ngaih Don, 24, assaulting her repeatedly and ultimately killing her.

Piang Ngaih Don († 24) worked as a maid for the torture womanPhoto: Helping Hands for Migrant Workers

The abuse of the Myanmar domestic worker was recorded on surveillance cameras installed in the family’s home.

She was given slices of soaked bread to eat

According to the court, Piang was kicked, strangled, beaten with a broom, and burned with an iron. According to media reports, the camera images also show how Gaiyathiri trampled the maid.

Piang was only allowed to sleep five hours a night. Their meals often consisted of slices of bread soaked in water, cold food straight from the refrigerator, or some rice at night. At the time of her death, she weighed only 150 pounds.

She died in July 2016 after Gaiyathiri repeatedly mistreated her for several hours and eventually strangled her.

The defendant pleaded guilty to 28 counts in February, including negligent homicide. The verdict considered an additional 87 counts.

Gaiyathiri appeared in court Tuesday, wearing sunglasses and a black mask, and looked down as the judge pronounced the verdict.

In his reasoning for the verdict, he referred to the “abysmal cruelty of the horrific behavior of the accused”. The verdict must signal the “social outrage and disgust” about the crime.

However, taking into account an obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression of the accused, the judge waived a life sentence.

Around 250,000 domestic workers work in Singapore, many of them from poorer Asian countries. Often there are severe cases of abuse.


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