Simple tips to make your old house look like new

A house, no matter how beautiful, sometimes becomes boring. There are many simple things you can do to refresh your living space.

Rearrange furniture: With large spaces such as the living room, common room, you can reposition some items, rotate the sitting direction to create a new approach and view. However, when doing this, it should be based on other related factors such as traffic, lighting…

Change the type and color of some covered objects: Curtains, carpets, sofa covers (with replaceable sofa sets), pillowcases, tablecloths, etc. are completely interchangeable and inexpensive. You can buy two sets of sofa covers with different colors for hot and cold seasons, the same goes for curtains. Tablecloths can change even more.

Replace, reverse the position of pictures on the wall in the same room or in different rooms. Rearrange and add decorations and mementos in the space.

Adjust the lighting system a simple way such as replacing the wall lamp, adding a tree lamp, a table lamp (also has a decorative effect)

Arrange flower vases, vases of green plants in the house. This is an easy way and creates a positive, highly aesthetic effect. It should be noted that some types of green plants may not live in the house for long, need to be swapped with those in the garden area.

For the garden, it is possible to rearrange the potted plants, plant new plants, take care of the plants, flowers for lushness and the biological cycle of plants and flowers will create interesting new things for the garden space. .

Renovating the garden is also a way to create a new space for the house. Image: Ha Thanh

In some special occasions with family events or Christmas and New Year, decorations such as flower strings, colored lights, bows, etc., can be used in combination with other subjects such as Christmas trees, peach trees. Tet…

Another way is to temporarily remove some unnecessary furniture and items from the space to have a newer, more open space; because not many things are already beautiful.

In some necessary cases, with time and economic conditions; can be modified in terms of construction such as redoing the ceiling – combining with lighting, repainting the walls or replacing new furniture such as sofas, dining tables.

Architect Ha Thanh


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