Simple things cost money unexpectedly

The habit of using furniture in the house can cost us money in very simple ways without realizing it.

Don’t understand how to use kitchen utensils

Daily necessities like kettles, microwaves and refrigerators all cost electricity to run. If we don’t use it efficiently, we will expend more energy than we need.

For example, Britons overfilling their kettles with water can waste up to £11 a year. Putting too many things in the fridge that you don’t use also consumes more energy than necessary, driving up your electricity costs.

Understanding how to use these kitchen appliances can help cut costs. For example, boil only enough water and try to cook many dishes while the stove is on.

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Do not repair or maintain furniture

If appliances aren’t working to their full potential, they can cost you more than you think. Regular and correct maintenance also helps prolong the life of electrical equipment.

In addition, if there is a small hole in the roof or wall in the house that allows heat to escape, an open window allows cold air to escape, pushing hot air into the house, which will cause electrical energy consumption, and need to be repaired immediately.

Experts also recommend cleaning your water heater at least once a year. As scale can build up and make the heating process less efficient, causing energy loss.

Loyalty to a brand, service

Loyalty doesn’t save you money when it comes to family bills. In fact, you can save a considerable amount by changing brands.

Many other businesses can offer similar, even better services for less money. Some businesses even offer cash rewards or gifts to welcome you as a new member.

Compare prices or ask a consultant to make sure the product you buy or the service you use is not more expensive than the market.

Use expensive cleaning products

There are many cleaning solutions that can be made with ready-made ingredients. For example, baking soda, vinegar, lemon and essential oils can form a multi-purpose cleaner that is safe for household items.

Poor insulation

Good quality insulation can help households save money by preventing heat loss.

In the UK, solid wall insulation can save up to £415 a month, according to the UK Energy Efficiency Trust.

So make sure your home is properly insulated when the weather is cold or too hot, so the air conditioner doesn’t have to work at full capacity.

Light bulb not working

A small change can also reduce electricity bills, light bulbs are an example. According to the non-profit Energy Saving Trust, each new light bulb saves £3 a year.

Using less energy not only saves money, but also reduces carbon emissions.

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