Signs you should stop dating

Constantly meeting new people, investing time in developing relationships, but to no avail. Psychologists say it’s a sign that you should stop dating.

Here are 5 signs you should stop dating.

Feeling trapped

“Often we can get stuck in a cycle of searching or trying the same thing over and over again and find nothing different, feeling like it’s not going anywhere. This can happen with dating when we’re rigidly looking for a role model,” says relationship and sexual health expert Kate Moyle, in the UK.

Feels like an obligation

Finding a boyfriend/girlfriend is something you’re excited about and want to do, not a “must” or “should” do.

If you’re uncomfortable with the time you spend meeting, chatting, or flirting, you’re not going to approach it with the right energy and it’s not going to work out.

Take a break and use this time to do the things you really want. You’ll feel more fulfilled, refreshed, and you’ll likely meet someone who’s just right for you.

Dating a lot also drains your energy and mind, so taking a break will help your life balance back and maybe find the right person for you naturally. Image: Bustle

Need to conform to social standards

“This is the wrong reason. You date for your own happiness, not because it fits society’s standards,” Kate said.

The key to happiness

Dating is like a game, yes or no. So it’s important to be comfortable with yourself. If you’re treating every date or potential date as your only chance to be happy, you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position from the start. The less dependent you are on the outcome of this process, the more you enjoy it as an experience.

“Like anything that’s put under too much pressure, it’s not the best environment for that to grow,” Kate said.

Dating for revenge

Knowing your ex is already dating someone else can be heartbreaking and stressful to find someone new as well. But in the end, if you jump into a new love for this reason, you are wrong. Never trade your happiness for your ex.

Then you will be in a better place, meeting a better person when you are completely confident in who you are. Before that, focus on yourself and spend time with friends and family who will make you loved and appreciated.

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