Signs of a hasty confession

Saying love is a special milestone in a love relationship, so sooner or later confessing will greatly affect the future of two people.

Saying love at any time is not an easy choice. Psychologists and relationship experts agree that there is no set point in time that is considered the right time to say love. The length of time it takes to assess the maturity of a relationship depends on the amount of time both parties spend together and the situations they experience together that help the relationship progress.

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However, there are also some indications that it may be too early to utter the words of love.

You don’t know how the other person behaves with his/her friends, family, relatives…

You can get an idea of ​​how your partner will treat you in the future by observing how they treat family, close friends, and even strangers. If they behave in an uncomfortable, often conflicted, stressful way, the same thing could happen in your romantic relationship.

Your relationship is not deep enough

Of course, you may just want to have a good time with your partner, however, a long-term relationship will not only be like that. True love is about going through different levels of emotions together, walking together in ordinary tasks, completing responsibilities and goals together, and going through difficult moments together and watching reactions. How is the partner’s response? So, if you’re only experiencing fleeting moments of joy with your partner, that’s not the time to say you’re in love.

Jenn Mann, an American psychotherapist, suggests that you should “take the temperature of the relationship” before thinking about saying “I love you”. More specifically, you should determine whether the moments you spend together are always a ember or hot and cold. “If someone is always willing to go with you or at least see you as the main partner in the relationship, that’s a good sign,” says Jenn.

Experts also recommend sitting down with your feelings to be aware of your expectations about the relationship. Don’t assume that when you say you love your partner, it means you’ll immediately enter a new chapter in your relationship. Put yourself in a situation where the feelings are not reciprocated.

Another important thing to be mentioned is that you should ask yourself: Is it love?

The thrill of a new relationship beginning and the joy it brings can leave you infatuated, confused, and unsure of whether you’re truly in love or not.

“During this period, many people are blinded by excitement. Of course this is not bad, you can enjoy it freely, but don’t rush, when the relationship is not enough to progress to love. “, Jenn said.

Love is not always like in the movies. It is a process that involves building connection, engagement, and trust over time. It’s not just a word of mouth, but the fact that they come to take care of you when you are sick, and take care of your sick loved ones in the house. “True love involves sacrifice, rather than sex or initial hot emotions,” says Mann.

“Most importantly, you need to review all your feelings, before you tell someone you love them,” says Monica Berg, a marriage and family communications director. Be honest with yourself, don’t let yourself express your love just because you are feeling lonely or hopeless and want to find a spiritual support.

Also, saying goodbye too soon can affect the relationship. Experts say that saying goodbye too soon can worsen a relationship that is already on the way, because it scares the partner away.

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