Sick people sent away – gas station embarrasses itself with coffee vouchers

Fuerth – For Astrid K. (27) it is the biggest nightmare to have to and not be able to …

Because: The 27-year-old suffers from Crohn’s disease (a rare intestinal disease). On April 1st, the nightmare at an “Aral” gas station in Fürth (Bavaria) became reality.

The clerk about BILD: “On good days I only have to go to the toilet five times – and on bad days fifteen times.” On April 1, Astrid K. deliberately chose a petrol station after she went shopping.

“On the way home I pissed my pants”

This time, however, there was an employee’s rejection – the boss no longer wanted that! Astrid K .: “I should go to the bakery across the street. But it had long since closed. On the way home I wet my pants. “

Angry, she turned to the “Aral” headquarters – and got two coffee vouchers as an excuse! Because as everyone knows: coffee stimulates the intestinal activity …

When asked by BILD on Friday, “Aral” has not yet commented on the incident.


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