Shuttle again after a traffic jam alarm: helpers are allowed to return to the crisis area

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler – The gigantic helpfulness of the people has led to traffic jams around the flood disaster area in the past few days, because on Saturday volunteers had to leave the region around Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler due to the threat of heavy rain and the unclear traffic situation. In order not to hinder the professional clean-up teams, the established shuttle service has been temporarily suspended.

Now volunteers are allowed to return to the crisis area on the Ahr. The shuttle service is back in operation. A spokesman for the central administrative authority (ADD): “Helpers are allowed to use the shuttle.”

However, the helpers have to park their private cars in a parking lot in Grafschaft (district of Ahrweiler).

Reason: Since Sunday, the removal of large amounts of rubbish has been running in the flood disaster area on the Ahr, also via the A61. Farmers help the waste disposal companies with this, and private transport is mostly forbidden.

A construction crane supports the clean-up work in Ahrweiler

Photo: Thomas Frey / dpa

According to the police, the garbage has to go to prevent the risk of disease and to facilitate the clean-up work.

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