Should plastic or glass containers be used in the refrigerator?

Plastic or glass or stainless steel food containers help preserve clean, fresh, delicious and nutritious food for a longer time, so you save more.

Today’s food containers have many different designs and materials, for example plastic, glass, stainless steel… Depending on your pocket, you can buy low-quality to high-quality products, from small sizes. to large, from the basic black and white box to the multicolor…

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According to kitchen experts, it is ideal to buy square containers, as they take up 25% less space than round containers. What material box should I buy to store food in the refrigerator?

Plastic box

Plastic boxes are most popular because of their convenience, lightness… Plastic food containers are usually cheaper than glass, metal… Therefore, when the box is broken or damaged, you can easily replace them. Many types of boxes can be recycled, helping to reduce costs for the environment.

Usually, plastic food containers with lids, silicone seals and buckles help keep food intact and fresh for a longer time than outside, the taste, color and texture of food can be changed. can be secured.

In addition, plastic boxes of various colors and sizes and designs. There are large types to store vegetables, food, small ones, many compartments to store different types of food, some types only for spices… Plastic boxes can withstand small bumps, drops from heights low… without warping and cracking, due to being able to withstand pressure.

Many food containers can be used for multiple purposes, for example as a lunch box, can be put in the microwave… You can also easily put them in the dishwasher to wash them. after use.

Besides advantages, plastic boxes have disadvantages such as cracking, warping and melting plastic when subjected to heat. Not all plastic containers can be microwaved or frozen, so you’ll need to see the instructions for use, which are indicated by the symbols on the lid or bottom of the box.

Another disadvantage of plastic containers is that they can absorb odors, flavors, and even colors from preserved foods, especially foods with strong flavors or colors like ketchup, curries, and marinara sauces. . Grease-soaked plastic boxes are difficult to clean, take a long time to dry, and easily have bacteria on the surface. Plastic containers can also warp when in contact with hot food, if the quality of the plastic is not good enough.

Glass box

Overall, glass is safer for food preservation than plastic. When you put food in the microwave, using a plastic container will not be as good as a glass one.

Glass is an inert and non-porous natural material. The glass container is leak-proof and safe for repeated use. They are non-absorbent, absorbent, safe for longer-term use. In addition, cleaning the glass is simpler because the surface of the glass box does not stick to grease as much as the plastic box.

Besides, glass containers retain heat better than plastic ones, can be comfortably used from freezers, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers… If you use glass containers, you won’t have to wait. Food cools completely before transferring leftovers to a container and storing, whereas with plastic containers, you must do so to avoid toxicity.

The biggest disadvantage of glass containers compared to plastic ones is that they are heavy. The material characteristics make them fragile, even with light impact. Especially if you have small children at home, storing things in glass containers is a must. In addition, glass containers are more expensive than plastic containers.

In addition to the two types of boxes above, many people can also use stainless steel boxes to store food. However, this type is not convenient because it cannot be used in the microwave oven, cannot store acidic foods due to its easy surface oxidation, which is harmful to health.

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