Should children be left home alone during summer vacation?

Some parents consider it “unthinkable” to leave their child at home alone, while for many it is a common practice, especially when the child is an adult.

According to Catherine Pearlman, American family therapist, several important factors need to be considered, before you decide to leave your child at home such as: the child’s maturity, the number of children at home, the length of time. children alone and the status of the family living”.

Usually, parents can think of leaving their children at home alone when they are 11 years old or older. As children get older and have the ability to become independent, parents can gradually give their children time alone, lasting from a few hours to a whole day.

Parents need to consider a number of important factors before deciding whether or not they can leave their children home alone. Illustration: Creative Getty.

First, check how comfortable the child is at home alone. While some children enjoy having their own space, some may be uncomfortable or even scared. In this case, do not decide to leave the child alone.

Parents need to ask a few basic questions: Can children take care of their basic needs on their own? Can the child do what needs to be done in different emergencies? Can children make their own decisions? Can children actively ask for help from neighbors, when in difficulty?

Second, the number of children at home is also something you need to worry about. An American parent of three says she can’t leave the three kids at home because they’ll create chaos with fights or “tipping” messages from each kid about how they’re doing. being teased by the rest. Therefore, if you leave your children at home, make sure they are able to look after each other without causing trouble.

Third, is the area where your family lives in good security is not important. If your home is in a good security area, you can safely leave your child alone. However, if your home is a complex, high-risk area, you should be careful when leaving your child alone.

In addition, there should be rules, if leaving children at home, which are:

Children should not be allowed to use the stove or oven unless they are teenagers with experience in the kitchen.

Do not let anyone into the house, and vice versa, do not go to anyone’s house, without permission.

Do not view electronic devices beyond the allowed time limit.

Keep your phone ringing at all times. If you have a camera in your home, use it to monitor your children from a distance.

Experts also advise parents not to let children do whatever they want, when they are at home. Give them a specific schedule, so that the child does not have an indiscriminate activity. You should set up a specific plan for them, for example, what to do in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon… This is what makes children active in moderation.

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