Should be married from a technology background

Not only creating income, Gojek also helps Thao and Thuong find each other in life.

Sitting and watching her son just falling asleep, Mrs. Thao (32 years old), the owner of a chicken rice shop in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City smiled and recalled her past year like a dream.

Thao first got married when she was just over 20 years old. Her husband left when her second child was still crimson. Living a busy life with a foggy car at Co Giang market, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, she just wanted to earn enough money to support her two daughters. I don’t have time to think about walking anymore

In 2019, when the Co Giang market was about to be dissolved, she moved to sell chicken rice with her mother at home in District 8. To increase her income, in the middle of 2019, she registered to sell via phone applications, booked a booth. online products on GoFood using GoViet application, after August 2020, change to Gojek.

In July 2019, GoViet released many free shipping codes, so Thao’s orders increased rapidly. One time to buy rice at the restaurant of Mrs. Thao, instead of waiting, Mr. Vu Thanh Thuong, 34 years old, the driver partner of GoViet actively ran into the canning assistant to keep up the order.

Mr. Thuong (left) delivers rice to driver Gojek in the afternoon of October 12. Image: Hoang Anh.

“I turned off my face, I did not have time to pay attention to him. A few times, I saw why he was so familiar, and then I parked at the shop so I started talking and offered a drink”, Thao remembers again.

Having also broken the burden between the road and his marriage when he was young, Thuong had not thought of getting married again. But do not know from when, he sympathizes with the owner of the fast chicken rice shop, his hands quickly fry the food. Then the next time, he noticed that her gaze for him was “different”, longer and more often. He also responded with a thoughtful look and smile.

After getting closer, he often “planted the tree” at the restaurant, helping her to deliver rice and waiting for the customer’s menu on the application. There are a few times because he is busy with Mrs. Thao, Mr. Thuong makes customers wait a long time, so he cancels the application, and is not rated well on the system. He hid this because he was ashamed, and when he was husband and wife, he told Thao about it.

After a month of “pure love, but also e”, they have an official date. “I love her for a long time, but she only paid attention to the oil pan”, Mr. Thuong expressed his feelings for Mrs. Thao. After the first moment of embarrassment, the two gradually confided in each other about their unfinished marriage situation. After a few outings together, they all realized that the other was a missing piece in their life, so the marriage plan was quickly thought of.

Wedding photos taken in November 2019 of Mr. Thuong and Mrs. Thao.  Photo: NVCC

Wedding photos taken in November 2019 of Mr. Thuong and Mrs. Thao. Image: NVCC.

“I feel that Thuong works hard, the two of them also travel together so I urge to marry early. I also clearly want to arrest the husband, because my husband and I have only two children, one is in Can Gio”, Aunt Nam, mother Ms. Thao recounted. “I just ran a motorbike taxi, it was already unfinished. If you do not criticize, I would like to thank you”, Mr. Thuong confided to Thao’s mother.

Feeling the sincerity from him, Thao’s mother agreed to marry her daughter, and Mr. Thuong brought her to Ca Mau for her family debut and wedding in November 2019.

The family has a bride-in-law, Thao’s mother has completely assigned the shop to sell to her husband and wife, and she only lives in the processing kitchen. Mr. Thuong reduced his car driving so that he could have more time to save his wife. When she was pregnant, and Covid-19 appeared, he took a break from driving and spent all of his time in the restaurant.

“The orders are mainly delivered through mobile food ordering applications, the most is still Gojek. There are only one or two small tables for on-site customers, but income is stable despite the epidemic” Ms. Thao shared. Since the couple remarried, the couple was determined to do business so their income was better.

With a man in the house, Thao’s life is less difficult and more colorful. If before, one day she was just busy at the shops and staying at home, now, she also knows how to take time for her husband to take it out.

The two little girls, after many years of not knowing the love of their father and son, now have “three Thuong” caring and caring, they have a chance to cherish like their peers. When she got home from school, before she could put her bag back, her 6-year-old girl swooped in her heart to tell the classroom story.

Mr. Thuong packed lunch boxes for customers, a job he has become accustomed to since falling in love with Mrs. Thao.  Photo: Hoang Anh

Mr. Thuong packed lunch boxes for customers, a job he has been used to since he fell in love with Thao. Image: Hoang Anh.

But Mr. Thuong said this marriage has made him a complete change. Struggling in Ho Chi Minh City for a few years, doing many things from cafes assistants, workers, driving cars …, now he really can taste the stability and joy of family. Before, life for him only known day by day. How much, spend as much. A week of drinking up to 5 days, two days without drinking is due to lack of energy. Now he has only one big goal: to make money and save to support his children.

“I used to drive a car to earn 400,000 – 500,000 VND per day, and I saw enough to stop. Now I see a more meaningful life, a clear goal, I just want to work to make money, reduce playing and drinking. Wherever I go, I think a wife and children are waiting at home, “said Thuong shared.

Having a small family, he has to take care of a lot, but he often feels much happier. Especially since the birth of the common son, although 5am had to go to the market to buy groceries, he slept late at night, but when he was sleeping, he heard his mum, he got up, made milk to find diapers to help his wife. and for looking after the baby all day.

Knowing the balance between work, family and friends, Mr. Thuong appreciates his wife when Thao does not nag if her husband goes to see friends, she is easy to get along with her husband’s friends. “Many wives are upset when their husband comes home to play, but Thao welcomes my friend very comfortably”, Mr. Thuong proudly told of his wife.

Married couple’s life is inevitable when “rice is not healthy, soup is not sweet”, but both rules are implicitly, angry at each other for no more than a day. The more they live together, the more they understand each other, so they know the balance to keep their late happiness.

“Thao is very hot-tempered. I am also hot-tempered. If I see my wife nagging, I say a sentence or two and then leave, wait for her to cool down, then exchange it, it doesn’t take much effort to stay behind to quarrel.” Often share the secret of keeping family happiness.

For him, the present life is full of joy, happiness, and the “mother of tomorrow” leads the two to find each other thanks to Gojek. “I call it a predestined relationship. A predestined relationship for me to a job that brings a living income and to find a life partner who will share all the sorrows and joys of life,” he said.

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