Shocked athlete rushed into the tree stump to die

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 16:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, ski news) The ski tournament was in a mourning atmosphere after the death of an athlete.

Video of the 56-year-old athlete’s scary crash:

On April 18, the Marathon Avachinsky ski tournament (Russia) witnessed a dreadful accident. According to RT (Russia), at Marathon Avachinsky prestigious ski event featured many famous athletes and the incident came to a 56-year-old athlete.

56-year-old athlete died from crashing into a tree

At a turn, due to not being able to master the speed the man crashed into a tree, then two others also fell. After the accident the man lay unconscious, and when medical staff came to take care of him, he died.

Currently, the organizers are finding out the real cause of the athlete’s death, they did not reveal the bad player’s name. The Russian newspaper revealed that this skier was 56 years old, lived close to the venue of the race and was a representative of the city of Krasnodar participating in the competition.

On social media, ski fans have their condolences to the 56-year-old athlete’s family.


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