Shocked 18-year-old boxer was punched by an opponent, his life was suspended by a hair

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 19:13 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, Boxing news) The life of a female boxer “hangs a hair” after a terrifying knock-out on the Boxing floor.

Video of 18-year-old boxer being punched unconscious, critical

The Boxing match on August 29 in Canada, between Jeanette Zacarias Zapata and Marie Pier Houle became tragic after the knock-out situation at the end of the 4th round. Zapata received consecutive blows from the opponent and was stunned.

Zapata (left) received many punches in succession before collapsing

The referee realized that Zapata could not play, so he declared the game to be stopped. Bad things happened soon after, Zapata fell into a state of unconsciousness and collapsed in the ring. The medical team was quickly present to give first aid before transferring the young female boxer to the hospital.

Going to the hospital, the doctors kept the female puncher in a coma to avoid unfortunate things from happening. Doctors shared, the female boxer fell into a critical condition, fortunately Zapata’s health showed signs of positive change.

Event organizer Yvon Michel told Global News the bad news: “She didn’t wake up. She was given a sedative to rest her body and mind. Initially, the doctors had a poor prognosis, but they saw an improvement in the girl’s health. The next two to five days will be very dangerous and she will continue to be sedated for the time being.”

Jovanni Martinez, the 18-year-old boxer’s coach, said: “I only realized the situation when I got close to him. I wish it happened to me instead of him. I am very sad.”

Rival Houle sends his best wishes for a speedy recovery to Zapata. Zapata’s relatives now can only wait, hoping that she will soon recover. The audience also sent the young female boxer best wishes, everyone hoped that she would overcome the critical situation.


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