Shivering for the booster: waiting madness in front of the vaccination centers!

Germany in booster fever!

Hundreds of thousands of citizens flock to vaccination centers and family doctors to get their booster vaccinations. On Monday alone, around 276,000 third-party vaccinations were reported.

BUT: Instead of being able to pick up the third spade quickly, those wishing to be vaccinated had to stay out in the cold for up to 7 hours in some cities!

Vaccination protection for the patient: Hundreds of people wait in front of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie for their spades on Monday. The queue stretched for hundreds of meters to the Speicherstadt and LandungsbrückenPhoto: BREUELBILD

Reason: The federal and state governments have declared the booster campaign to be a “national effort” – but once again missed the preparation!

Vaccination centers were closed, the popular Biontech vaccine rationed due to planning chaos by Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU).

And: Instead of continuing to focus on senior citizens who are particularly at risk, the government suddenly called for boosting FOR EVERYONE over the age of 18.

The result: queues that are hundreds of meters long in front of the vaccination centers, mostly with people under 60!

“Of course, it is primarily young people who come up.” Older people, “who need the booster more urgently, have a hard time,” criticized Karl Lauterbach (58, SPD).

And what is politics doing? Throw smoke candles!

Instead of acting IMMEDIATELY, Prime Ministers prefer to discuss a general vaccination requirement – all of which they had categorically excluded until recently.

There is “no way around the compulsory vaccination”, declared Hesse’s head of government Volker Bouffier (69, CDU). Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (65, left) urged his counterparts to collect their vaccination cancellation from November 2020.

Map: Hospitalization Rate in Germany - Infographic

A political maneuver to distract from the booster chaos?

FDP parliamentary group vice Michael Theurer (54) to BILD: “A mere debate has not yet broken a wave.” He calls for the “vaccination offers to be massively expanded”. For example, by allowing pharmacies to vaccinate.

In a fire letter to Spahn, the health insurance doctors are now calling for a prioritization to be reintroduced. In other words: Seniors and those with previous illnesses should be vaccinated first – only then the younger ones.

BILD spoke to those waiting in the vaccination lines on site:


Bastian S. (30) from Berlin-Reinickendorf: “I accept the waiting time because I really want to have the 3rd vaccination and today is my only day off. I don’t have time for other appointments and my family doctor only takes first-time vaccinations. After an hour of waiting, I’ve done at least a fifth. “

Kira M. (40) has just moved to Berlin. “I find it strange that there are so few vaccination centers here in Berlin. Things are going better in Dresden. But what can you do? You want the booster, so you line up and wait. “

Magdalena (66) and Gerd Lottermoser (67) from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg have been waiting for four hours. “It could go a lot faster if there were more doctors. We have been standing since 9.30 a.m. and waiting. Now at least it’s our turn soon. Our family doctor would only have given us an appointment for mid-January, that was far too long for us. We want the booster now to make us feel safer and to protect others. “


Italian Claudio Cuppini (40) is in Frankfurt / Main for his third vaccination: “I’ve been here for almost two hours now. My turn should be in about an hour. Yesterday I was unlucky because the vaccine was already gone. “

Mike Knotts (66) from Texas has lived in Frankfurt / Main with his wife for twelve years

Fake laughter: Mike Knotts (66) from Texas waited over two hoursPhoto: Fredrik von Erichsen

Mike Knotts (66) from Texas has lived with his wife in Frankfurt / Main for twelve years: “We are now here for almost two hours for the booster vaccination. That’s okay, I waited longer for toilet paper last year. My family doctor wouldn’t have an appointment until January or February, so I’ll be prepared to wait. “

Yvonne Klein (46) from Seligenstadt: “I am now waiting a good hour for my first vaccination. The pressure, also from the employer, is increasing all the time. But the organization is a disaster. I come specially from Seligenstadt because I can’t get an appointment at the responsible vaccination center in Dietzenbach. And would have to wait up to two months at the doctor’s. “


Office worker Cornelia Meyer (26) is the last in line at 3 p.m. at the clinical center in Halle: “I am forced to queue up here for hours just to be able to go to work. It all annoys me. It would be enough to test everyone, including those who had been vaccinated. I’m not vaccinated and I’m not sick either. “

Office worker Cornelia Meyer (26) is the last in line at 3 p.m. at the clinical center in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt): “I am forced to queue up here for hours just to go to work

Office worker Cornelia Meyer (26) is the last in line at 3 p.m. at the hospital in Halle Photo: steffen schellhorn / Augenflug

Walther Eckhard (56, severely disabled) has been waiting in Halle since 1 p.m. “My lung cancer treatment has prevented me from being vaccinated so far. The organization of the vaccination is catastrophic, waiting in line for hours. There should be a lot more vaccination stations and, above all, mobile vaccination stations, this is unreasonable. “


Volker (61) from Hamburg: “We have 3G at work, I don’t want to test myself every day. That’s why I’m getting my first vaccination. I’ve been standing in line for 3.5 hours. What politics does is a big mess. We could open more vaccination centers again, then that would be better. “

Qasim Hussein (30) and Marleen Musahilo (28) from Hamburg: “There is only one public vaccination option in the entire district.  If politicians introduce compulsory vaccination, we need more!  This is how it works d

Qasim Hussein (30) came to the vaccination with Marleen Musahilo (28)Photo: Andre Lenthe Photography

Qasim Hussein (30) and Marleen Musahilo (28) from Hamburg: “There is only one public vaccination option in the entire district. If politicians introduce compulsory vaccination, we need more! It doesn’t work that way. This is our second time here, and we waited three hours on Saturday. But then the action was over. The second attempt today. We have been waiting for more than two hours. We have recovered, so now the first vaccination. “

Kevin Rafael Sousa Martins (25) waited five hours and demands: “We need more vaccination options when the vaccination becomes mandatory. I get my first vaccination, without which I am no longer allowed to work. “

Lower Saxony

BILD reporter Hagen Meyer (39) in Burgdorf: “I stood in line for two hours for my booster at the DRK. A shame the vaccine is now so scarce again. In the queue you will be insulted by opponents of vaccinations as ‘lemming’ and insulted by vaccination advocates for allegedly getting vaccinated so late. “

BILD reporter Hagen Meyer (39) in Burgdorf (Lower Saxony)

BILD reporter Hagen Meyer (39) was in Burgdorf for two hours for his booster vaccinationPhoto: BILD

Ilayda Baris (18) from Neu Wulmstorf (Lower Saxony): “I’ve been in line for three hours. I got so much pressure from outside. I made a spontaneous decision to get vaccinated and get the first injection. I can’t even go to the cathedral with my siblings, I’m 18 and can’t do anything. I am at a loss for words regarding the conduct of politics. We need more vaccine when the duty comes. “


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