Ship accident in the port: crash could have ended in disaster

Hamburg – Did the captain and pilot on the bridge of the biodiesel tanker “Northsea Rational” (108.50 m) prevent worse things from happening after the engine failure on Wednesday due to the frontal crash with the quay wall?

According to port experts, the tanker with 1.6 million liters of biodiesel was deliberately rammed with its bow against the embankment.

If the ship had scratched along the edge of the quay, the hull could have been torn open like the “Titanic”. A spark could have led to the catastrophe, because there were strollers on the bank, people were working in the offices nearby, the old people’s home was nearby and there were crews on the nearby, ready-to-use tugs.

Allegedly, repair offers were obtained from five shipyards, including Blohm + Voss.

The “Northsea Rational” (was still in Ellerholzhafen on the back of the dream ship terminal on Friday afternoon) had two more accidents due to machine damage among previous ship owners, including one in 2018 in the Kiel Canal.

The tanker with a strongly depressed “nose” is still not allowed to leave the port of Hamburg.


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